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World Martial Arts Federation

  2008 Yearbook

The World Martial Arts Federation, Inc. was formed to highlight the skills and diversity of the martial arts today and to help fellow martial arts professionals develop in the arts and in business. We want the martial arts to get the exposure football, baseball, hockey, and basketball gets. This will take a coordinated group effort but we have already had major media exposure through the television Channel 4, 5, 7, 25, 38 and 56. We have had coverage of our event on several large radio stations along with the Herald, Boston Globe, MetroWest Daily News, Telegram & Gazette, and and many small papers and cable stations. As the World Martial Arts Federation, Inc. gets bigger we will get more exposure. Your school no matter what size can help. If you care about the martial arts and want to grow or help other people grow get involved now!


Seminars: Martial arts clinics and seminars are held throughout the year in a variety of martial arts Continued and diverse learning for all members and students. We have Black Belt Only Martial arts clinics and seminars held throughout the year. These seminars can be added and will count toward rank promotions and should be listed on your martial arts resume'.

Business Advice and Seminars: We have a group of over 60 members to draw ideas from. Several of our schools have over 300 active students. We want to share ideas with your school. We have set business seminars and private consulting available. Our goal is to help our schools be successful and win the fight for students over the competition. We will help you gain new students while retaining the ones you already have. We will help you get FREE advertisement and national recognition of our organization and your school.  

Certification: Rank, title, and teaching certification in many other aspects of our business such as, Aerobic Kickboxing and Escrima plus many more.

Instructors rank and Teaching skills will be recognized by the WMAF board. For school owners, this adds legitimacy to your dojo. Unlike other schools, your instructor will be recognized by the World Martial Arts Federation, Inc and it's board of directors. If you need or want training in any discipline we will find you and instructor of the highest quality.

Tournaments: Competitive tournaments are held two times per year. All ranks can try their skills against students from other schools. This tournament is not a rated tournament and friendly sportsman like behavior is a must. All children will receive a competitors trophy if they do not win 1st - 4th place. Please look on the web site to get the rules for our event. This is not an open tournament it is an invitational event. All styles are welcome we have events for Karate (sparring - forms - weapons), Kung Fu (weapons and empty hand), Tai Chi (weapons and empty hand), and Self Defense. All styles can compete in this event.

Student Referral Program: We will refer students at your request through our network for transfers to your school or from your school to another. Your school will be listed as a preferred school on our web site with your resume'.


W.M.A.F. Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is for those people who have made outstanding achievement or significant contribution to the martial arts.The remarkable people listed in the Hall of Fame represent some of the most selfless martial artists in the United States. Induction into this elite group has been determined by ballots received from martial artist. The recipients of this award represent a tradition of W.M.A.F. ,recognition of years of stellar individuals and their furthering of the martial arts. May you find the tales of these excellent men and women as inspirational as we do.

Founding Inductee’s

James Alty , Joe Nesta , Jim Cormier

Don Spink , Craig Seavey and  Rocky DiRico

2004 Inductee’s into The World Martial Arts Federation Hall of Fame:

Michael DePasquale Jr.-Golden Life Time Achievement


Don Rodrigues-Golden Life Time Achievement Award


Patricia Bickford -Female Instructor of The Year

Rui Rodrigues-Male Instructor of The Year

Suzanne DiGiammo-Female Sensei of The Year

Peter J. Smith- Male Sensei of The Year

Cheryl Nadeau-Female Martial Artist of The Year

Michael Woods-Kenpo Instructor of The Year

Bobby Lynn-Kenpo Master Instructor of The Year

Joe Shuras- Male Master Instructor of The Year

Kathleen Shuras-Female Master Instructor of The Year

Paul Cervizzi-Martial Arts Master Instructor of The Year

Alan D’Alessandro -Ken-Ryu Instructor of The Year

Lee Smith-Chinese Martial Artist Instructor of The Year

Robert Denault-Tactical Martial Artist of The Year

Rick Wong-Kung Fu Instructor of The Year

Michael Williams-South East Asian Arts Master of The Year

Kevin Pence Sr.-Male Martial Artist of The Year


2005 Inductee’s  Fame

Grand Master George Pesare-Platinum Life Time Achievement

Shihan Kent Davis-Golden Life Time Achievement Award

Master Robert Liedke-Golden Life Time Achievement Award

Grand Master Robert Lamattina-Martial Arts Man of the Year

Kyoshi Mark Sheeley - Martial Arts Excellence Award

SiGung Rudi Duncan - Master Instructor of the year

Master Rod Fuller - Male Instructor of the year

Kyoshi Joseph P. Rebelo - Martial Arts Historian Award

John Savage - Male Martial Artist of The Year

Christine Bannon-Rodrigues - Female Martial Artist of the Year

2006 W.M.A.F. Hall of fame
2006 W.M.A.F. Hall of fame

2006 Inductee's

Distinguished Martial Arts Pioneer Award - O-Sensei Michael DePasquale

Platinum Life Time Achievement Award  - Nancy Lee Cerio

Martial Arts Ambassador Award  - Dai-Sifu Alan Goldberg

Self Defense Master Instructor of The Year - Master Cosmo Bisazza

Female Martial Arts of The Year  - Guro May Williams

Male Martial Artist of The Year  - Shihan Michael Fitzgerald

Parker Kenpo Master Instructor of The Year - Master Henry Agri

Sport Karate Artist of The Decade - Sensei April D’Allesandro

Kenpo Master of The Year - Shihan Alfonso R. Lima

Kenpo Instructor of The Year - Sensei Patrick Mathews

Youth Instructor of The Year - Sensei Robert Smith

2004-2005-2006  WMAF hall of fame group

Mr. Mike DePasquale and  Mrs. Jacqui Pence
Mr. Mike DePasquale and Mrs. Jacqui Pence

M.A.R.I. hall of fame 2005
M.A.R.I. hall of fame 2005

Michael DePasquale Jr.-Golden Life Time Achievemen
Sensei & Michael DePasquale Jr.- Golden Life Time Achievement


Sensei K. P. and Guru Mike
Sensei K. P. and Guru Mike

Sensei Nat Porter Sensei Pence &Steve Nugent

Cheryl and Mike
"The older I get, the more I don't like the saying, that age brings wisdom.  Hard work is the only thing that brings true wisdom"
K.P. Sensei

World Martial Arts Federation

The World Martial Arts Federation is an Organization of professional martial artists. Our goal is to highlight the skills and diversity of the martial arts of today. We will improve the publics awareness and image of the martial arts as a whole. We will also help school owners by helping them to develop sound business practices and strategies. This will provide a better experience for the students, instructors, and school owners. Schools of any style are welcome to apply for membership. You can represent your specific style or discipline. Diversity will make our organization stronger.



American Institute Of Martial Arts
New Haven CT. 06515
Robert Liedke 7th Dan
( 203 ) 387-9582

Hidden Dragon Karate
Vernon, CT
 Rod Fuller, 6th Dan
 ( 860 ) 870-7067

Georgetown Martial Arts Center
12 Old mill Rd. Redding, CT
Bill Hackett 4th Dan
( 203 )544-6055

Martial Arts Training Center of Cheshire
Cheshire CT.
 Brian Hanson 7th Dan
 ( 203 )272-1994

Peter Rogers Karate Koba-Ryu
Norwich Ct.
Peter Rogers

Twin Dragons
Yalsville Ct.
Sensei John Palmeri- 4th Dan
( 203 )265-1516


Southern Maine Martial Arts Club
Wells, ME
Jeff Farley, 2nd Dan
( 207 ) 646-4089

Defense Tactic Systems
120A State Road Kittery Me. 03904
Master Robert Denault 5th Dan
 ( 207 ) 439-3200


Academy of Koton Ryu

Roxbury MA.02119

Luis Cepeda-2nd Degree


Henry Agri's Kenpo Karate
       North Grafton, MA 01536

Henry Agri- 7th Dan

Phone: 508-839-4799

Alkebu-lan Martial Arts Institute
Stoughton, MA

Kent Davis, Shihan,
8th Dan

American Martial Arts Center
Belmont Ma. 02478
Sifu Robert Giordano

American School Karate

 N. Andover  MA. 01845

Sensei Asa Seeley-  4th  Dan
Evan Pantazi,7th Dan

Cape Cod Martial Arts Academy
Orleans Ma. 02653
Chris Hatch-5th Dan

Castoldi's Street Smart Self Defense

 Florida and Ma.
 Professor David Castoldi- 10th Dan

Celtic Combat Kenpo

Saugus Ma. 01906
Richard Griffin 

 Cervizzi's Martial Arts

   Paul Cervizzi, 8th Dan

  East Boston, Ma - (617) 567-3339
Lynnfield, Ma - (781) 598-7100
Winthrop, MA- (617) 846-3874
No Reading , Ma - ( 978) 664-0256

Choice Martial Arts
Everett, MA
Sensei Cheryl Nadeau- 4th Dan
Sensei Nathan Porter-2nd Dan

Cormier's Self Defense Academy

Holliston, MA

 Jim Cormier, Shihan -7th Dan

Craig's Kempo Karate Academy

Watertown, MA
Craig Craig - 2nd Dan
(617) 924-9888

Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts

Chelmsford  MA.
Jesse E. Dwire IV - 5th Dan

East Coast Karate Aacdemy

21 Elm Pl Swampscott Ma. 01907
James Lou Hopkins- 7th Dan


East Coast Martial Arts Academy
Quincy, MA
Don Spink, Shihan -7th Dan

East Coast Martial Arts Academy
South Weymouth, MA
Susanne Di Giammo, Sensei 4th Dan

East Coast School of Combined Martial Arts

Boston, MA 02124

(617) 908-9419
Shihan Cornell Paterson

Fernandez Shotokan Karate Do Academy

Lynn MA.

Sensei Roselio Fernandez

(617) -470-6393

Rick Wong's Chinese  Martial Arts Center

Melrose Ma, 02176

Rick Wong Sifu

Karate Pro Dojo

Melrose MA. 02176
Kevin O'connor- 3rd Dan
(781) 665-9865

Kempo Center For Martial Arts
 Dedham Ma, 02026
Sensei Darryl Hinthorne- 4th Dan

Kwon's Martial Arts Center

Malborough Ma.
Patrick Cody
(508) 229-2236

Kukusai Kempo Karate - do Academy

School of Champions

Lawrence Ma. 01841

 "Renshi" Danny Veloz - 4th Dan


Martial Arts Research Institute
53 Mason Street Suite 201
Salem, MA 01970
Guro's Michael and May Williams
(978) 745 - 2555

Matthews Kenpo Karate
Medford MA
Patrick Matthews 4th Dan 


MMA Judo Center
Burlington MA. 01803
Rick Mera

Masters of Karate
Newton Circle, MA
Matt Goodwin, 3rd Dan
( 617 )527-4482

Masters of Karate
Westford, MA
Rick Curley -2nd Dan

( 978 )392-9914

New England Karate Academy
Shrewsbury, MA
Alan D'Allessandro, Sr., 6th Dan
 James Margosian

( 508 )767-0977

Milford Studios of Self Defense
Milford, MA
Joe Shuras, Shihan, 7th Dan
  Kathy Shuras, Shihan, 7th Dan
 ( 508 )478-4416

New Horizon Karate & More
West Boylston, MA
Jim Alty, Shihan, 8th Dan
 ( 508 )852-3333

New Generation
Lexington, MA
Colleen LeMay, 6th Dan
 (781) 862-0899

Next Generation Martial Arts
Holliston, MA
Michael Woods, - 5th Dan

( 508 )429-8620


Nick Cerio's Kenpo - Plainville
Plainville, MA
Joe Smith, 4th Dan
Nick Cerio's Kenpo - Framingham
Framingham, MA
Craig Seavey, Hanshi,
10th Dan


Nick Cerio's Kenpo - Framingham II
Framingham, MA
Craig Seavey, Hanshi,
10th Dan

Nick Cerio's Kenpo - Malden
Malden, MA
Joe Nesta, Shihan, 10th Dan

 (781) 397-8090

Pence Self-Defense Academy
. Burlington, MA 01803
Kevin Pence Sensei - 5th Dan
(781) 272-9709  or toll free  1 877 - Karate U.S.A.
                                                877 - 527 - 2838

Perry's Martial Arts Academy

Waltham Ma.

Reggie Perry


 Professional Martial Arts Academy 
Derry NH 03038
Tim Barchard - 5th Dan
(603) 434-7995

Ralph Smith Karate
Revere MA. 02151
Ralph Smith-9th Dan
 (781) 284-7751


Rocky Di Rico's School of Kenpo Karate
Arlington, MA
Rocky Di Rico, Shihan,
7th Dan

Roshankish Tae Kwon Do
Medford Ma.02155
Ali Roshankish

Saugus Karate Kung-Fu
Saugus, MA
Sammy Biancuzzo, Shihan, 6th Dan
( 781 )233-9791

Smiling Mike’s Dojo of Champions
Randolph, MA
 Michael Murphy, 4th Dan
( 781 ) 963-9600

Steve Nugent's Karate Institute

Burlington, MA
 Steve Nugent 9th Dan


Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy
Norton MA. 02766
Robert Downey , 3th Dan

The Self-Defense Institute
Tewksbury  MA. 01876
Shihan Jeff Davis - 5th Dan
Shihan Deb Davis 5th Dan

New Hampshire

Al Lima's Studio of Self-Defense
Hudson NH. 03051
Al Lima 6th dan

Eastern Dragon Karate
Sanbornton N.H. 03269
Grand Master Bob Young-10 Degree Aiki Kempo

Martial Arts Center
Nashua, NH
Jason Campbell, -5th Dan

Moreau's Training Center

Home of Team Valor

Derry, NH 03038

Thomas Moreau

(603) 421 - 4732

Seacoast Martial Arts Center

Dover, NH
Kevin Crossan, Shihan, 6th Dan


Academy of Health & Martial Arts
Milford, N. H.
James Rath, 4th Dan


Karate International Martial Arts Center

Exeter, New Hampshire 38335
Shawn Flanagan
John English


Tokyo Joe's Studio of  Self-defense
Nashua NH
Robert  "TOKYO JOE" Lamattina- 10th Dan

Tokyo Joe's Studio of Self Defense
Nashua N.H. 03606
Eric Menard -6th Degree


New York

Duncan's Martial Arts Academy
Syracuse, NY  622 North State Street, 2nd Floor 

Soke Rudy Duncan

Rhode Island

Agostini's Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness Inc.
Cranston RI. 02910
John Agostini- 5th Dan
(401) 467-0430

Kensho-Ryu Kenpo Karate
Cummberland, RI 02864
Kyoshi  Mark  Sheeley- 9th Dan

Togekaido Kenpo Jiujitsu Karate Kobudo of RI.
Cranston R.I.

Sensei  Erick  Thorne

 Lee Carl's Martial Arts
East Providence, RI
Lee Carl Smith, Sifu


Martial Arts Fitness Center
Greenville, RI
Rui Rodriquez, 5th Dan

Don Rodriques Karate Academy
Warwick, RI
Don Rodriques, Shihan, 9th Dan


Shaolin Kungfu & Culture Foundation, Inc.

Providence RI.

Shifu Heng Ru

(401) 353-8868

Individual Members

"Superfoot" Bill Wallace

Soke Michael DePasquale

 "Kempo Joe" Rebelo -  Sigung - 8th dan
88 Hatch St. Suite 415 New Bedford Ma. 02745

Ed Parker Jr.- Kenpo Ambassador

Master Alan Goldberg -Action Martial Arts Magazine

Mr. Anthony "Mafia" Hollaway Co - Founder MASMAL 

Bobby Lynn, Shihan

Jeff Jones - Middleton  MA.

John Savage - Peabody MA

Michael Fitzgerald - Lynn MA.

Bryon Pence - Salem MA

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Cormier's Self-defense Academy

Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts

Kenpo Joe


Lynn Kenpo

Duncan's M.A.

Matthews School of Kenpo Karate

World Martial Arts Federation

Shihan Joe Nestas web-site
Shihan Joe Nestas web-site


I would like to Thank all who have helped me "along the path"... my Family, Teachers, Friends & all the members of my Martial Arts Family.
Yours in the Arts;
 Kevin Pence Sr. Sensei
 Pence Self-Defense Academy
226 Cambridge St. Burlington MA 01803 U.SA.
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